In the historical center of the medioevale country of Dozza just of forehead to the ancient Rocca Sforzesca, the scuderie of the knights of the age rose a time… hour that place have been transformed in the restaurant “the Scuderia “. The premises managed from the family Preti from 1977 it has one knows it inner (climatizzata) that conserve still the ancient ones placed for the horses with relative mangiatoie, beyond to several finimenti and of veranda (usable an all year) that one shows oneself on the public square of the Rocca. The proposed kitchen respects the genuine culinaria tradition once proposing plates and specialty of a time, and alternating proposed based on the season. The first fresh paste plates made by and pulled to the matterello like the garganelli, the tagliatelle, i can be tasted tortelloni etc…., minestre in brodo like passatelli or tortellini, and zuppe of farro and of I luff typical of the Appennino; the second plates are represent to you from meats to irons cooked with firewood live coal, plates in humid; optimal local cheese and assortment salumi you use with piadina of own production; plates arrange with cheeses and confetture to you; immense chosen of cakies, biscotti and cakes always of own production. The paper of wines particularly is cured in collaboration with the Regional Wine cellar of the Emilia Romagna. Moreover the personalizzazione of menu upon request in occasion of lunches and the suppers for ceremonies is possible, tourist groups.